The Global Addiction Professional Exchange Program: Gap-X

The Levenson Foundation is committed to helping close professional divides including medical, clinical and spiritual best practices in treatment as well as challenging cultural, ethnic, political, international and religious gaps that inhibit the advancement of the addiction treatment sciences both domestically and abroad.

About The Program

GAP-X, an acronym for "Global Addiction Professional Exchange", is essentially an addiction professional's exchange program, funded by TLF, designed to foster the bi-lateral exchange of practitioners, including physicians, therapists, nurses and administrators, between our participating high-quality US-based providers and the wonderful addiction treatment programs we fund and support around the world. GAP-X allows staff at participating US and foreign programs to apply to essentially "swap spots" for a month - travel, live and work alongside their counterparts at the partner program(s). Imagine, being accepted to go spend up to one month abroad working in participating partner programs located in areas such as Israel, Palestinian Territories (West Bank), Africa, Croatia, South America and Caribbean countries like Jamaica!

"Gap-X allows staff at participating US and foreign programs to essentially "swap spots" for a month - enjoy travel to far-flung locales, immerse in a different culture, and most importantly, work, teach, and learn alongside their counterparts at partner programs in order to bring the essence of their experiences back to share with their home colleagues and facility."

- Ben Levenson, Chairman