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Altruistically Reducing World Suffering

We genuinely thank you for taking your valuable time to visit our website. We hope that you are inspired while you seek to learn more about the Levenson Foundation and its' heart-based mission to leverage and harmonize our unique, abundant and diverse range of financial, clinical and business expertise.


What We Do

The Foundation's publicly-spirited mission is to reduce human suffering in the world through the application of new, experimental, evidence and/or outcome-informed clinical strategies towards the specific goal of enhancing the well-being, psychological and physical safety of our all whom we encounter.

Our Mission

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Positive Impact

The Levenson Foundation ("TLF") is a privately-funded philanthropic organization chartered to measurably and positively impact the then-currently most suffering, traumatized and/or disadvantaged populations on planet Earth. We work with intentional disregard of our collaborators' and beneficiaries' race, creed, religion, social stigmas, nationality (or lack thereof), physical and psychiatric conditions, geopolitical or sexual orientation, current locale, culture of origin, genetic origin and all other similar beautifully distinguishing features of humankind.


Our Current Areas of Focus

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    The Levenson Foundation is involved with projects that we, as an organization, feel passionately about. Learn more about the current projects we have a hand in below.

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    TLF is passionate about creating and curating programs that we believe will have a lasting impact. Check out our current programs in order to find out more information.

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    The Levenson Foundation chooses to partner with organizations who are truly making a positive impact in their fields. Learn more about which organizations we are currently involved with.

Our Work in the World

Brave America Agenda & International Activities

TLF's current work largely focuses on enhancing treatment for individuals and families affected by addictive and mental illness internationally, as well as, domestically.




Countries Helped


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Active Members

Ben Levenson, Chairman

"We tremendously prefer and strenuously strive to reach the suffering through and with harmonious local support and friendly collaboration.

On this however, our primary mandate, we will not be marginalized, deterred or threatened away. With or without help, even in the face of fierce opposition - we will reach them - we will treat them - we will peaceably fulfill our duty to Love them, for, the truth is, we are them."

Ben Levenson, Chairman

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